July 20 –  August 8, 2018   


ANNA POOR presents Since St. Sebastian was no help, an investigation into the juxtaposition between fabricated myths, art history and the current political climate. This new group of small clay anthropomorphic sculptural pieces are characterizations of moments, impulses and responses where her subjects find themselves adrift, in boats too small, with wheels frozen in place, a circus of shipwrecked souls in horror and humor.  These works are expressions of what ceramic can do and can be, arching with exquisite pain and humor, muscular and slack, reaching to find their own perfect expression.


A continuation of exploration into high fired, salt glazed ceramics and unique bronzes, Poor culls references from the old English salt fired ceramic Martin Bros, Giacometti, Renaissance groupings, and the Pieta, balancing maternal care and love with distracted neglect. The human condition, trying to be brave and foolish, with genitalia and wings for all to see.