ANNE SMITH is an American artist based in London. Throughout her career she has worked as a potter, teacher designer and illustrator.  She holds a BFA in Ceramics for Boston University’s Program in Artistry and a MFA in Ceramics from The NY State College of Ceramics at Alfred University.

She has exhibited extensively and has been awarded grants from the NEA and Massachusetts Artists Foundation. Her work is in the collection of  Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Public Library and Smithsonian Institution.

Often, her work takes its cues from written forms. The tenets of haiku inspire and approach to blending discrete visual language into a poetic whole. A veil of handwriting suggests the presence of voice; markings pulled from documents offer reference and grounding.

In this work, each painting begins as a unique print, layering marks, grounds and images. She then articulates the finer details using materials and methods gleaned from her ongoing study of Persian and Indian Manuscript painting.





100 Cups

Intended as a segue from one mode of working to another,  Anne Smith’s “100 Cups” pay homage to her deep background in ceramics.  Akin to throwing pottery on the wheel, she paints the same cup form repeatedly, allowing subtle differences to occur. A matrix of repetition harmonizes her numerous variations.  Without sacrificing the decorative familiarity of the cup, each piece defines it’s own unique intimate domain.