MARTY DAVIS  studied printmaking at UNC Chapel Hill, The Corcoran College of Art & Design, Pratt Institute, and Provincetown’s Fine Arts Work Center. She works with collage, paint, etching, photo etching, drypoint, aquatint and monotypes. Ms. Davis has exhibited widely throughout the northeast and is represented in collections in Washington, New York and Boston.

Davis works primarily on paper producing images that range from small and intimate to larger explorations of gesture and tone. Recent work includes a series of paintings on Clayboard panels that reflect the imagery and mark making systems seen in her prints, used alongside tones, textures, light and space reserved for the metal printing plates themselves, effectively making works that occupy a space between the printmaking plates, etchings and paintings while addressing all three possibilities.

Joyful and sensual, this new series can be seen as a reflection of nature and the fleeting color found in garden spaces and bodies of water. Davis has left her ongoing exploration of black as a color to delight us with a warm rich palette seen in earlier print and collage work that is reminiscent of morning blooms, deep pools, calligraphy and animal  motion contained in a soft light similar to that of a morning or evening sky. These are paintings of possibility; of things in a state of becoming.