Pending Memories/ Adrian Fernandez

PENDING MEMORIES/ from Havana-based multimedia artist, Adrian Fernandez consists of 16 black and white photographs that build upon Milanés’ exploration of the artifice, the spectacle of consumerism, technological constructs (tangible and digital), and beyond. Small, beautifully made and printed, the inspiration for this series came from the Parrandas de Remedios festivities in Cuba, in the town of Remedios. Fernandez visited this town for a couple of years and was impressed by the theatricality and intensity of the festivities. One of the major attractions in the area are the cathedral-like façades, built to display light works and visual paraphernalia. The façades are supported by elaborate, massive structures that are works of art themselves.

Fernandez initially intended to document the large structures by only photographing them from their rear angle, never the front. The problem with such a procedure is that the festivities only happen once a year, allowing a very small amount of time to work with. These limitations led him to consider the possibilities of virtually creating his own structures, based on existing drawings and designs, placing them in different contexts.

The exhibition consists of fifteen small photographs of details of these structures; prompts and considerations of small architectural moments that, like concrete poetry, bring the world of emotion and meaning to form. One larger format image from Pending Memories will also be on view. 

Adrian Fernandez studied visual arts at the San Alejandro Fine Arts Academy (2004) and later at the Superior Institute of Arts (2010) in Havana. From 2010 to 2012, he trained at The Ludwig Foundation of Cuba and New York University, Tisch School of the Arts Special Programs, where he also taught.



Theatre of Operations: Kahn & Selesnick on the Outer Cape 1989-2019

at The  Provincetown Art Association and Museum

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