Elise Ansel in the Boston Globe Aug 13 2021

Sarah Lutz in the Independent  July 2021

Kanh & Selesnick in Provincetown Arts 2020

Anna Poor in Provincetown Arts 2019

Amy Arbus in Provincetown Arts 2019

Lynne Kortenhaus: New England Home March/April 2019

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Speaking of Art with Mike Carroll    By M.Sebastian Araujo

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Payson Art History Lecture by Kahn & Selesnick:

Breon Dunigan in The Gloss/ Irish Times  per the gallery’s installation at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show/ March 2015/ NYC

David Hilliard  Swept Away In the Provincetown Banner      August, 2014

Sarah Lutz:   Beer with a Painter: Sarah Lutz by Jennifer Samet on October 5, 2013

Norma Holt Retrospective

Amy Arbus’s One-Woman Show With a View –

‘Nobody Else Sees the Way I Do’ –  ‘Nobody Else Sees the Way I Do’ Amy Arbus in The Wall Street Journal March 26, 2013

Big, Red & Shiny (9pm to 5am: Underground Boston and Mark Morrisroe By Leah Triplett)


PROVINCETOWN — Here is a town that can make you truly hate art.  Boston Globe July 5, 2012

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