‘April’                                                11 x 13”                Monoprint                                     $1050

‘Detroit I Love You’                           11 x 15”                Monoprint with Lithography          $950

‘Listening to Birds’                            9 x 12”                 Monoprint with Lithography           $850

‘Mars Dreams’                                 11 x 15”                Monoprint                                       $950

‘May’                                                11 x 13”                Monoprint                                       $1050

‘Mid-Morning Promise’                     11 x 13”               Monoprint with Lithography            $850

‘Night Cirrus’                                    15 x 11”                Monoprint                                       $950

‘Rain or Tears’                                  15 x 11”                Monoprint with Lithography           $950

‘Searching for a New Press’              9 x 12”                 Monoprint with Lithography          $850

‘September’                                      11 x 13”                Monoprint                                      $1050

‘Low Sodium Machines’                     9 x 11”                 Monoprint with Lithography          $850

‘Rebirth of a City’                              19 x 25”                Monoprint with Lithography          $1400


VICKY TOMAYKO is an artist and printmaker who works with a variety of techniques to create one-of-a-kind prints. She teaches at Cape Cod Community College, Provincetown Art Association and Museum, and at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown Summer Program. She manages the print studio for the Fine Arts Work Center during the 7 month Residency Program, and for the Massachusetts College of Art Low Residency Masters Program, providing workshops and one-on-one instruction. She was an Artist-in-Residence at the Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School in Orleans for ten years. Tomayko was assistant professor of printmaking at Connecticut College, 1979 through 1981, and was awarded a fellowship at the Fine Arts Work Center in 1985. She received an MFA in printmaking from Western Michigan University, and has been the recipient of two Ford Foundation Grants. She is represented by the Schoolhouse Gallery and has been included in exhibitions in New York, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Basel,Venice, Istanbul, Basel, and Melbourne.