William Hamlin

Nighttime Photography:

BILL HAMLIN is a photographer who lives and works in Provincetown, MA. He is well known for his woven photographs, a technique that he developed while studying photography at NYU’s Tisch School of the Art. His studies at that time combined with an interest in Cubism and its theories led him to a double major in art history. It was a combination of the two – the practical techniques of photography and the aesthetics of art he used together to create a series of collages in the style of David Hockney and a series of photographic extensions inspired by Lucas Samaras, which eventually led him to his own technique – the woven photograph. His series of woven images have encompassed an in depth study of water, as well as the classic range of subjects including the landscape, still life and portraiture. His current series of woven photographs focuses on the male figure. The images transcend the ordinary and are elevated into a whole new reality by his meticulous technique.

In his new work (above) Hamlin explores photographing at night, an involving process that requires tenacity, technical skill and the photographer’s true obsession with otherness and worlds unknown without the camera. These images are available at 13 x 19″ and at 26 x 38″  in editions of five and ten respectively.

Woven Photography: